Pumanawa – Extension Programme

Pumanawa (Te Reo for ‘strength in learning’ or ‘giftedness’) is a specialist programme run at Boulcott School for gifted children, children with exceptional abilities and children who would benefit from being in a small, like-minded group of thinkers to extend and enrich their learning. They are identified throughout the year with a holistic approach including input from parents, teachers (past and current), learning abilities, strengths analysis and social behaviour. Students participate in weekly hour-long workshops (sometimes more than one) that are flexible towards the needs of the participating students.

Currently we have one Junior Pumanawa for 5 and 6 year olds that enriches curiosity, exploration and questioning; four Literacy Workshops for Senior and Middle students that have a focus on making connections in our literary world; two STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) workshops for Middle and Senior students that explores the world of maths and science; and one #schoolhub editorial committee of budding young journalists with a flair for performance, writing and uncovering the unknown.

The Pumanawa teacher is a 0.4 fixed term position at Boulcott School that is Board of Trustees funded. It is now it it’s 8th year. We are keen to give our students as many opportunities as possible. These include; Tournament of Minds, Mathswell, ICAS Competitions, KIWI exams, guest speakers, trips and visits, submissions to Toitoi and other writing competitions and the Hutt Science Student Challenge.